Ideal Fleet Management, GPS Tracking, Dispatching
and Cutting Costs engine
Effisient and complete care and managment
of your FLEET or VEHICLE
Specialized Automobile Outsourcing Services

Bransys services are intended for many different industries, such as mining and construction companies, utility companies, taxi and public transportation companies, distribution, logistics and transportation companies.

Our services are appropriable for almost all industries that own or control big fleets of vehicles.

For any our service we include full installation procedure, technical support, software backup and 24/7 monitoring of the system. Also we are open for any new custom software solutions where they are needed.

Because we intent to be focused on our clients’ needs, for any needed consultations, help or any problems we have open line 24/7, so we offer full client support.


Fleeman Mining is product that is intended for construction and mining companies. It is a system for tracking the movement and measurement of the ore quantity, also it tracks the activity of the machinery involved in the process.

This service is based on AVL device with hydraulic sensor, RFID reader and fuel probe. The primary goal of the system is to control the quantity and quality of cargo in the trucks and real-time tracking of the trucks. With the AVL device with hydraulic sensor the clients can also have direct control of the effective working hours (active and passive hours) and the effective working kilometers. The system also provides control over the fuel consumption by integration of fuel probes into the static tankers and in the machinery tanks, which can reduce costs for over 30% of the fuel costs. It also provides Advanced Driver Assistance System that simplifies the drivers’ activities. The system has archive with information and gives access to many different reports and alarms for technical services or unwanted activities. Basic reports that are essential for our clients like:

- Periodic report - gives detailed review for defined period for all vehicles
- Fuel costs report - this report gives complete control over fuel costs separating the average fuel costs and the realized costs
- Total costs report - gives complete review over the total costs for predefined period, like fuel costs, services costs, toll costs etc
- Driver report - gives complete control over the drivers, which vehicles they have used at a time and everything that is related to their activities
- Region report - gives information about some region, which vehicles have visited that region at a time, how long they have been there etc. are offering detailed overview on the business activities

The whole system is designed to simplify the work activities, lower the total costs of the company and to give full control over the working procedure

It is core application for any modern taxi company or any other type of public transportation. FLEMAN offers a complete Human Resource Managment (HRM) solutions, Fleet Management Solution and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for those types of companies. Customers enjoy the following benefits:

- Totally new and improved way of managing and dispatching centers
- Complete control of your fleet of vehicles
- Access to more information about the fleet
- Complete human resources management solution for your vehicles & drivers
- Detailed employment report
- Greater customer satisfaction

Android application:
- Request/Offer
- Chat System
- Rating passengers/drivers
- Passenger/driver info
- Tracking reserved vehicle
- Routing the driver

VeRTest (Vehicle Roadworthiness Test) - is a complete software solution for Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Stations. It offers all legal requirements for a compulsory periodic test of the roadworthiness of a motor vehicles and their trailers. It is able to acquire data from the digital measuring equipment, process the data, store and/or send it to a relevant institution. This solution is designed to be easily localizable to any legal regulative and language. VeRTest can also be used as a central national database solution for Vehicle statistics like CO2 emission, Model repair statistics etc.

Features List

- VeRTest is compliant with all international and EU regulative
+ EU directive 96/96/EEC for vehicle and trailer roadworthiness test
+ EU directive 1999/37/EU concerning vehicle registration documents
+ EU decision Act 1753/2000/E concerning emissions of CO2 from new passenger cars
+ ICAO Doc.9303 identification format
- Enables customers contact via SMS, email or hybrid mail as a reminder for compulsory periodic test
- Advanced custom and predefined analytical reports for exhaust fumes, often defects, vehicle ownership etc

Benefits List

- Standardized international traffic licenses - Error free vehicle roadworthiness test process
- Increased customer care
- Optimized testing process
- Data exchange between governmental institutions for preventing illegal activities
- Centralized database


The CADOCS is software, developed and design as a tool for increasing the security of airports, airlines, custom border services and field security. Its main goal is to automate the passenger profiling (PP) system for security companies providing security for US carriers. It can also be used on other carriers demanding similar security, APIS or travel rules services. This system will provide more secure, automated and less human dependent PP system. It is providing data feedback and generates report about any type of information that system contains with options for filtering, grouping, sorting and summering information on any data attributes. This is a very helpful attribute of the system in order to feed carriers with statistics of passengers flow through various stations.


- Online and office betting
- Prepaid cards related to internal customer account
- Advanced Security
- Real-Time financial reports
- Online authorization of high risk betting tickets
- Live sports betting
- User friendly and easy to use interface
- Over 100 predefined game types
- Custom game types
- Unlimited game combinations
- Centralized odds creating and managing


- Advanced algorithm for the game outcome
- Various betting combinations
- Simplified cashier
- Reports for winning and non-winning tickets
- Periodic statistical reports
- On-line control
- Fraud detection
- Attractive graphics
- Thousands high quality pre-recorded races
- Suitable for set up at various types of places (casinos, betting offices etc.)
- Various licensing options (purchase and rental license)

What’s Claxi?

Claxi is the first mobile application in Macedonia that connects the passengers and the taxi drivers.

Whenever and wherever you need taxi – Claxi is here to help you

Only with a click now you can order a taxi

With Claxi you can choose the offer that suits you best

For the first time in Macedonia mobile application for ordering a taxi without a dispatching center.

Fleet Consulting, T-Mobile, Vip, M2M, Telecom Austria group, ONE, Asseco, Japan Service,
Brans, Alter Media, Mobileye, Vepamon, Tehnoton, Porsche, Renault group...

We provide cost friendly services for our European and world wide costumers with our partner M2M Telekom Austria Group

Mobileye is an integral part of a complex solution for traffic safety and drivers behavior

And many other successful stories

Bransys is a company headquartered in Skopje, Macedonia, that designs, develops, supports and sells computer software and services. Our company is officially established May 2008. Until and before establishment it was a part of the native company Brans and later together created a group.

We are a company that directly connects to its clients, putting their wishes and needs on the highest level of the priority list. We are certain in our capability for thorough understanding of our clients business and offer correspondent and complete solutions to their needs. This characteristic we use to deliver advanced and optimized IT solutions, from consulting and performance up to maintenance of the same concrete solution. We give an effort to see and understand the matters from our clients’ perspective, totally focusing their real business needs for the IT solutions that we offer, all in purpose to help them and to ease the modern era challenges.
  • ISO Certificates 9001 (Quality management system standards)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management system standards)
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